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What a Way to Go!

Gary Larson meets George Carlin in this collection of mind-bendingly hilarious comics!

The cream of the comics! The finest of funnies! The superlative of scribbles! The absolute best from the last three years of HypnoSpiral Comics!

32 pages – black and white – $5 (+ $1 s/h)

Chinatown Bus

Have you ever had to make a choice between being good and being happy?

Lyn’s long distance relationship with his New York girlfriend is falling apart. Is it coincidence or fate that when she dumps him with a text message while he is on the bus to visit her, his dream girl is sitting right next to him! But was that what the text really meant, or was it just what Lyn wanted it to mean?

84 pages – black and white – $10 (+ $2 s/h)

HypnoSpiral Comics No.2

8-Bit Alice In Wonderland, Sailor Moon vs. Sailor Jerry and Suburban Punk Rock Samurai are just a few of the subjects run down and tackled in the newest volume of HypnoSpiral Comics!

Action! Comedy! HypnoSpiral Comics is 24 pages of goofy, nerdy goodness!

24 pages – black and white – $3.5o (+ $1.5o s/h)

HypnoSpiral Comics Stickers

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